Eleron Power designs most of the products/plants that produce in the electric, railway and photovoltaic distribution fields, thanks to both production and technical department (recently enhanced by increasing the staff to 8 employees) equipped with 2D and 3D CAD systems and software dedicated to electrical planning.


Transformation cabinet maintenance

Eleron Service

Transformation cabinet maintenance and execution assures high dependability and safety guarantee. In fact maintenance assure anomaly prompt individuation and broken preventions.   Qualified staff operates to execute periodical inspections.

For electric cabinet maintenance, Eleron Service is the reference.

Eleron Service, a company of the M&M Group spa, offers all useful services after sale service.

Eleron Service offers maintenance services for cabinet MV/LV after installation product; maintenance is carry out periodically by qualified staff.
Maintenance guarantee product functionality, as prescript by low, and prevent damages cased by  the wearing effect of time.



Eleron Power srl plans continuing education courses for experts in install and maintenance of electrical systems as provided in CEI 11-27 low.

Courses want to give professional qualities for the staff education that installs and maintains electric cabinet MV/LV.

At the end of courses staff will be able to preserve in efficiency conditions end safety electric cabinet MV/LV.


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