Eleron Power s.r.l. owns a testing room in the production site of Andezeno (Torino) equipped with the most modern tools for controlling electrical systems.

Laboratorio prove Eleron Power s.r.l.


Our laboratory is tested as CEI/IEC 17025 standard and allows the following test:

  1. Dielectric test up to 300kV
  2. Frequency test up to 150kV
  3. Rising temperature test up to 3000A
  4. Resistance test
  5. Mechanical test


Equipment description


The equipment for high voltage generation and measurement in the company includes:

  • Atmospheric impulse generator, PASSIONI and VILLA models GTS 300 kV, with a nominal charge voltage of 300kV and stored energy at maximum charge voltage of 7.5 kJ. (number of years 10)
  • 50 Hz PIVI testing generator with nominal voltage of 150 kV and apparent nominal power of 30 kVA (number of years 10.
  • BIDDLE instrument for measuring partial discharge for voltages up to 60 kV. (number of years 15)
  • One ball sparkgap built by ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI with a diameter of 25 cm. (number of years15)


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