The fork plug are projected to connect 2 contact: one is fixed and one is moving. The different combination of dimension and nominal current allow the fork plug to be installed on many different types of application. Download the brochure >> Fork plug for moving contact

SUE-C is a single-pole outdoor disconnector ‘oscillating’ type mainly used for electrical substations to supply subway, light rail, railway,etc..

It has the purpose of dissecting the downstream feeder (1st row) and by-passing the air space to maintain the continuity of the service when a substation is in bypass mode.


Download brochure >>  SUE-C Single-pole outdoor disconnector (with horn)

ISC-V three phase Switch Disconnectors are designed to be employed in the distribution networks and suitable for use in concrete boxes, on wall mounted. ISC-V type can be equipped with upper or lower earthing blades and integrate with a fuse holder: the fuse intervention cause the opening of the ISC-V Switch Disconnector automatically. Thanks to the experience of Eleron and its continuous improvement, today our range of ISC-V switch disconnectors is up to 36kV. For further details download our brochure ISC-V or contact us for a customized solution.

The leakage relays are designed to measure the leakage or unbalance currents caused by conductors or appliances insulation losses. When the set limits are exceeded, the relay reacts switching off the power supply to the defective system.

It is used with toroidal current transformer mounted in a special support, while the earth leakage relays is mounted with din rail.


To see more info about, you can download our brochure with all characteristics, dimensions and user's guide by link here below.


Download brochure & user's guide > EARTH LEAKAGE RELAYS RANGE



MV junction box with line disconnector and fuse holder option.



Download brochure > AIRLINK MV JUNCTION BOX


This bipolar disconnector, which can be actuate pneumatically, has two independent movement contact blades and can realize various combinations; copper fixed part can be connected with external lines and pneumatic pistons are actuated by connecting air hose. The disconnector has micro switches on controlling and disconnecting of the two independent blades. 

The product can be installed with four holes on it using screws.


The Pneumatic bipolar disconnector born from the experience of Eleron Power and can boast thousands installations and many years of duty.





These components are part of our range of production connected to the revamping operation of coach “rimorchiate Z1” into coach “semipilota”. The products are part of main switchboard of the coach and are also installed along the coach for each particulary application required.

All the components are done by Eleron and are under quality standard of our company.





Cut out is a combination of a fuse and a switch and is used to protect electrical users. They are typically mounted about 20° degrees off vertical for easy opening.

Cut out function is overloading protection; in fact in case of overloading metal wire is heated until it breaks and open cut out for interrupt current transit. The current may vary from 1 to 200 A.

In cut out the fuse can be substitute with a brass blade and so it can be used like a disconnector.

Cut out is a product of the decennial experience of the Eleron staff that produces several parts of the isolator SVE493 and acquires the remaining parts from qualified suppliers, supplyng then to the final assemblage and test of the product. 



>Download brochure: CUT OUT



Eleron supports and take part in Solarway.

Solarway provides turn key PV plants, from the very initial project to the grid connection, both for solar farms and industrial roofs. High performance, first class components, projects and installations with long lasting reliability. These are the key factors of a group with years of experience in the PV sector, which internally produces switchboards, transformer substations and ground mounted structures.


EASYMIX extensible unit is composed by an enclosed switchgear and a switch disconnector called “IR3”.

The three position switch disconnector is an insulated device enclosed in a metal tank. The SF6 gas pressure into metal tank is high and is sealed for life.

The carter for device and signalling is a separated one.


EASYMIX switchgear is also available internal arc fault in compliance with IEC 62271-200.


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